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Having worked in accountancy and dealt with clients for 20 years, one thing that has struck me recently is how much our methods of communication have changed during this time.

When I first started working, I would have to speak to client’s on the phone or face to face and was always encouraged by my bosses to communicate verbally rather than by email or by letter. This was thought to encourage better relationships. This will always be essential but there is no doubt with the changes in our working environments there has been a shift in some cases as to how we communicate.

With the majority of people working from home during the pandemic, and some parents homeschooling, it has not always been easy to talk on the phone during office hours. Also, some of my clients are tradespeople who are busy doing their jobs during the day and might be looking at their accounts in the evening. Some clients prefer to use whatsapp or text messages to communicate with me and I have absolutely no problem with this. I always try to respond whatever the hour (within reason!). There has also been the introduction of zoom rather than face to face meetings. It did highlight to me how much things have changed and how much more flexible we have all become.

Stedman Accounting prides itself on being flexible and approachable. Being able to adapt to client’s needs are one of our core values and changing the way in which we communicate is key to this.