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Stedman Accounting is pleased to announce that it has reached the milestone of its first 50 clients. This achievement has come in less than 2 years and shows the speed at which the company is growing in both client base and reputation.

Managing Director Lisa Stedman is thrilled to have surpassed this landmark. ‘Although I am an accountant I would not normally be that obsessed by numbers! It is just really pleasing the company has passed 50 clients since we started trading. I can’t pretend it has not been hard work, it has. Of course, we would not be where we are without all the clients we deal with deciding to use us as their Accountants. I would like to thank each and every one of our clients for all your support. Your recommendations to friends, family and business contacts has all contributed to help us grow and achieve this target’

It has been a pretty good summer this year and in that spirit you could say Stedman Accounting is 50 not out and looking for that illustrious century next!

If you or any of your friends, family or business contacts are looking to explore options for a new accountant please call 01243 531071. or e mail [email protected]